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Before World War II, Jews were a quarter of Cracow’s population. The German occupation ended the Polish and Jewish co-life that had lasted for 600 years. Of around 65,000 Cracow’s Jews, it’s just about one hundred who still live in Cracow. However, traces of the rich Jewish social and religious life are still here.

We offer you a trip to the past that gives you the chance to get to know Jewish traditions better and see some of the most beautiful and oldest monuments of the Jewish sacred architecture found in Poland.

We start our tour in Kazimierz – the old Jewish city and then we go across the bridge to the site of the former ghetto. Since 1941, ca. 17,000 Jews were isolated there, and it was the first step that the Germans took on the way to the final obliteration.

Afterwards we go to Oskar Schindler’s factory. In an old administrative building of Schindler’s company the city of Cracow created a museum that documents Nazi-occupied Krakow. There you will have explained the fate of Cracow’s Jews in broader context.


Basic information regarding the tour:


  1. 4 hrs on foot (1.5h of which at Schindler’s factory)

What we see during the tour:

old synagogues, Jewish Cemetery, New Market Square with former kosher slaughterhouse, Szeroka street where a well-known Jewish culture festival takes place every year, Umschlagplatz, Schindler’s factory

Contact us for more information about the price.

NOTE! If you do not want to see all three places – you can just choose one that interests you. We can adapt the program to your needs.



The old Jewish district

The old Jewish district bears witness to the rich religious and social life of Cracow’s Jews before the World War II.


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