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What about lunch during tours to Auschwitz and Wieliczka?

There is a 15-minute break during each tour and you can buy water and other small things to eat at the place. Both in Auschwitz and Wieliczka, there are small shops. You can also take food with you.

How many steps are there in Wieliczka Salt Mine?

The tour in the salt mine takes about 2 hours on foot (2.5 km to go) – you go down 135 m under the ground. There are 800 steps, 350 of which in the very beginning. You can take an elevator down to the first level i.e. 64 m under the ground (which enables  you to avoid these first 350 steps and the rest of the route is the same for the whole group) – but permission to take the elevator depends on the control man in the mine.

Can I participate in the tour to Wieliczka if I am on a wheelchair?

Some parts of the route are accessible for a wheelchair but you need to order special tickets for the tour. You cannot see everything as on the regular tour but still you can see the most beautiful places. There are no steps on the way and you can take an elevator to different levels. However, this type of tour must be ordered in advance.

Am I allowed to take pictures in Auschwitz?

You may take pictures in Auschwitz Birkenau, both outside and inside buildings. No flash photography is allowed. There are only three places where it is forbidden to take pictures – the room with human hair, the basement of block no. 11 and the former gas chamber of Auschwitz I.

Am I allowed to take pictures in Wieliczka Salt Mine?

You can take pictures in Wieliczka Salt Mine for an additional fee 10 PLN. You need to buy a special photo permission before entering Saint Kinga’s Chapel in the mine.

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